Effects of dimple structure on soccer ball aerodynamics

Wind tunnel test setup


Many aerodynamic studies on soccer balls have reported that the number, orientation, and shape of the ball panels induce a significant effect on the drag characteristics of soccer balls. However, with new soccer balls of various surface designs being used in official matches in recent years, there is a need to clarify their aerodynamic characteristics. We made four soccer balls for this study, all having 32 panels, but each with different dimple structure. Therefore, in the present study, the pattern of the dimple structure of a soccer balls are investigated using wind tunnel experiments to determine its impact on the aerodynamic characteristics of the ball. The results showed that the aerodynamic forces acting on a soccer ball change significantly depending on the dimple structure of the ball.

In The Proceedings of the Symposium on sports and human dynamics
SeungHee Lee
SeungHee Lee
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Eiji Onchi
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