TEDxUTsukuba | November 29th

Talk Event

From TEDxUTsukuba:


  • 著名なスピーカーによる講演
  • 迫力のある生パフォーマンス
  • ご協賛企業による豪華な食事の提供
  • スピーカーと直接対談できるセッション

We will be hosting an online talk event with the following contents:

  • Talks from renowned speakers
  • A powerful live performance
  • A sumptuous meal provided by the sponsors
  • Sessions where you can talk directly to the speakers

We will soon update you with further details so stay tuned!

See more about the event at: Official Website

李 昇姫
李 昇姫
Associate Professor of Kansei Design

Designing happiness for everyone, borderless use concerning Global Kansei.