Experience Sharing System for In-store Shopping

An Experience Sharing System for In-store Shopping by Visualizing Online Review Information Using Augmented Reality


The main objective of this research is to help customers share their experience during in-store shopping. I’m going to create an intuitive method to integrate online review into offline shopping experience, and prove if it can help customers to get feedback from other customers and get a strong impression of products. The research is divided into 3 parts: user experience research, making prototype, and usability test. The user experience research will investigate which kinds of reviews are valuable to consumers and how the information of a review affects consumers’ decisions of purchase. In making prototype, the work will focus on making applications that can run and test on the IOS platform by programming and 3D modeling. The prototype will visualize the reviews and show the experience with intuitive interaction. Usability test will use the prototype to design between-groups experiments. And the test will evaluate the user satisfaction and the level of impression of the testing item.

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