Volunteer Design, Anti-pandemic Together

Tsinghua University and the Politecnico di Milano call on the students from design and related specialities, to carry out voluntart design together to fight the pandemic. The China-Italy Design Innovation Hub propose innovative solutions to the dilemmas of the pandemic with design methods. Whether it is a medical information platform, or access to living materials, or a community mutual help group, with applet, simple products, or service models, it can provide people in the affected areas with as little support as possible. From the official launch on March 16, 2020, to the selection of the online contest on June 13, 2020, the action received a total of over 200 design volunteers. The design works were divided into seven main themes: knowledge sharing in science prevention and control, cross-cultural anti-pandemic strategies and design, and open-source protective gear. Information, behavioral interventions in the pandemic, positive energy, community support and support for vulnerable groups, with a large group of students from different countries. The co-design team have all used their design talents to produce creative work. Our group analyzed the experience of fighting the pandemic around cross-cultural differences. Designed a “comparative pandemic map”, a “case collection card”, a “national policy comparative map”, an “epidemic data visualization map”, a “three Countries Anti-Epidemic Video” and an “epidemic cartoon”. Among them, “epidemic data visualization map” won the award for excellent creativity, and the “Three Kingdoms Anti-Epidemic Video” and “Epidemic Cartoon” won the award for best design thinking entrepreneur.

Three kingdoms anti-epidemic video start interface
Three kingdoms anti-epidemic video interface
Epidemic data visualization map

Han "Sammy" Zhang
Han "Sammy" Zhang
PhD Student

As a user-centered researcher with industrial design and Kansei design experiences, I would like to assist Human-Vehicle interaction in innovating through framing insights and exploring solutions.