Paul Roelen

Paul Roelen

Exchange Student

University of Tsukuba

Upon completing his Bachelor’s in Industrial Design at the University of Technology in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Paul Roelen transitioned to the University of Technology in Delft, where his academic journey focused towards engineering. He faced the opportunity for a six-month exchange at the University of Tsukuba in Japan, facilitated by Professor Lee, a mutual contact between the institutions. While experiencing the Japanese culture, Paul attempts to explore both traditional and modern design practices, mainly aiming to grasp their accompanying production methods, searching for a deeper appreciation for the holistic values of Japanese design.

  • Physical Modelling
  • Design For Repair
  • Tangible Embodied Design
  • Aesthetical Formgiving
  • Materialization and Production
  • Vinyl Records
  • BSc in Industial Design, 2021

    University of Technology in Eindhoven