Max Hanssen

Max Hanssen

Master Student

University of Tsukuba

Max Hanssen graduated as a bachelor from the University of Technology Eindhoven in the Netherlands. His graduation project revolved around finding the balance between automation and user control in smart homes. During his final bachelor year he also followed a half-year exchange to the University of Tsukuba where he came in touch with Kansei Design through Leelab. This made such an impact on him that he decided to pursue his design career in this area by coming back to Leelab as a research student. He explores the relation between Environmental Design and Kansei Design by researching how the design of public spaces influences the behavior and emotions of people. Next to design, he is also interested in boxing. He will always be interested in exploring and enjoying new interests with others!

  • Boxing
  • Kansei Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Walking
  • Mobitecture
  • Motorcycling
  • Cooking
  • BSc in Industrial Design, 2020

    University of Technology Eindhoven