test papers

Emotional Meaning of Eyelid Positions on a One-Eyed 2D Avatar

By abstracting the core features in human faces for the emotions described by Ekman, et al., a single-eyed 2D avatar was designed that only moves the upper and lower eyelids.

A Survey about Nap Habits in Workplace

A survey to know people's nap habits in daily life including daytime sleepiness, nap posture and nap environment.

Take-Over Request in Highly Automated Driving: A Survey on Driving Experience and Emergency Operation Accuracy

This research focuses on predicting the effect of human pressure on the operation of autonomous driving TOR mode.

Effects of dimple structure on soccer ball aerodynamics

In the present study, the pattern of the dimple structure of a soccer balls are investigated using wind tunnel experiments to determine its impact on the aerodynamic characteristics of the ball.

Do Drivers Prefer Female Voice for Guidance? An Interaction Design About Information Type and Speaker Gender for Autonomous Driving Car

This research is to get a better understanding of what kind of intention is needed to communicate between drives and autonomous car.

Emotional Map: Building a Data Tool for Geolocation-related Product Design

This article introduces a solution of design simulation system based on data processing.

A Diary Study of Smart Phone Notification System for College Students

A study on notificatyon system of smart phone user.

Kansei Design Applied on Hospital Beds: Medical Design for Patient and Caregiver

Kid’s Friendly Wearable Device for Children’s Daily Safety