PIS(Proactive Interaction System)における生物の形と動きを活用する研究

Sora's research topic

Volunteer Design, Anti-pandemic Together

The China-Italy Design Innovation Hub propose innovative solutions to the dilemmas of the pandemic with design methods

Adaptive Problem Solving using Off-the-Shelf Adaptive Design

Construction of an environment to foster adaptive problem-solving skills based on the cognitive behavioral science theory of action selection and memory.

Introduction & Guideline for MY DAILY BADGE(MDB)

Manual and Introduction Video for MY DAILY BADGE

Experience Sharing System for In-store Shopping

Wei's research topic

Kansei Map

Ban's research topic

Personal Differences and Habits of Walking Behavior

With the “My Daily Badge” device created through the OSAD process (LINK), this research aims to find the underlying reasons and benefits that people value during their walk through the collection of biometric data.

Slow Robots for Unobtrusive Posture Correction

With slow robots, we make the first step toward using actuated objects for unobtrusive behavioral changes.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Mobility Design

Design of a self-driving mobility for the "Last Mile" transportation of people.

Emotional Expressions in Non-Humanoid Robots

Eiji's research topic