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Volunteer Design, Anti-pandemic Together

The China-Italy Design Innovation Hub propose innovative solutions to the dilemmas of the pandemic with design methods

Kansei Map

Ban’s research topic

Slow Robots for Unobtrusive Posture Correction

With slow robots, we make the first step toward using actuated objects for unobtrusive behavioral changes.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Mobility Design

Design of a self-driving mobility for the “Last Mile” transportation of people.

User-Centered Auditory Design

Sammy’s research topic

Interior Design for Self-Driving Cars

Project done in collaboration with Toyoda Gosei to research the effects of different interior designs on the feeling of excitement in autonomous cars.

Mouthpiece for Breath Control during Exercise

Design of a mouthpiece for controlling breath during exercise.

Meet the Lab

Principal Investigators


SeungHee Lee

Associate Professor of Kansei Design

Kansei Design, Creativity, Human Behavior, Product Design, Human Computer Interaction Design

PhD Students


Ji Wang

PhD Student

Voice User Interface Design, Human-Computer Interaction, Humor Expression of Voice Assistant


Han "Sammy" Zhang

PhD Student

Human-Automation Interaction, User Experience, Kansei Design, Basketball, Snowboard, Drum


Eiji Onchi

PhD Student

Human-Robot Interaction, Kansei Design, Emotions, Programming, Cycling


Zhefan "Marcus" Yu

PhD Student

Kansei Design, Computational Design, Generative Design

Master Students


Marita Ibañez

Master Student

Creativity, Art, Education, Dance, Kyūdō


Cen "Ori" Zhang

Master Student

Voice Assistant, Emotional Expression, VUI, Kansei Design


Pengchen "Ban" Wan

Master Student

Emotional Map, Human Behavior, Bio-data Tracking, Gaming


Kaihuan Wei

Master Student

Augmented Reality, Kansei Interaction, Shopping Behavior

Research Students


RuoTian "Sora" Zhang

Research Student

Kansei Design, Human Behavior, Smart Home, IoT, Human-Devices Interaction, Archery


Yuyang "Toma" Liu

Research Student

Kansei Design, User Experience Design, Digital Media Design, 3D Game Developing


Max Hanssen

Research Student

Kansei Design, Environmental Design, Fishing, Electric guitar, Motorcycling, Skateboarding, Football

Research Partners


Daniel Saakes

Professor at KAIST

Ergonomics, Robotics, Augmented Reality


Alessandro Biamonti

Professor at Polimi

Architecture, Spatial and Interior Design, Alzheimer


Gustavo Kato

Dean of Engineering at USIL

Inventions, Robotics


Hisao Shiizuka

Professor Emeritus at Kogakuin U.

Affective Science, Soft Computing, Aging Society, Affective Design Science, Innovation Engineering, Kansei Engineering


Muneo Kitajima

Professor at Nagaoka UT

Cognitive Modeling, Information Science, Artificial Intelligence


  • +81-029-853-2111
  • ARB D501, 1-1-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8577
  • Enter the Advanced Research Building D and take the elevator to Room 501 on Floor 5