Chan "Pasta" Weng Kei,

Chan "Pasta" Weng Kei,

Exchange Student

University of Tsukuba

I’m an undergraduate from National Taiwan University. I am joining the University of Tsukuba School of Art and Design as a short term exchange student for one semester. My major in my home university is mainly about western literature and English linguistics, but I am always interested in Japanese culture and the art field. During this exchange period, I have chosen related courses on both traditional and contemporary art, Japanese language courses, as well as PE courses (Kyuudo&Kendo) (btw kyuudo is really interesting I think I’m joining the club^^) . I would like to treasure my time in Japan and experience and understand more about the people and the society. Last but not the least, I also love enjoying good food and visiting different places! Please share your pocket list of great restaurants and tourist destinations if you don’t mind! Thank you!!

  • Japanese culture
  • Traditional & contemporary Japanese art
  • Content creation (videos/ photography/ animation)
  • Language and linguistics
  • BA in Foreign Languages and Literatures, 2022

    National Taiwan University